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"I transformed my Passion for Nutrition and Wellness into my work and I decided to teach people the art of healthy and conscious eating, without sacrifices but with balance and taste"

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About me Dr. Angelica Giana Biologist and Nutritionist

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About me

+39 347 9254274

+39 347 9254274


Dr. Angelica Giana VAT number 01721150199 Registered in section A of the National Order of Biologists with no. AA084028 | Website by​

Dr. Angelica Giana Biologist and Nutritionist

Angelica Giana


"Eating is a necessity. Eating

intelligently is an art."

François deLa Rochefoucauld

+39 347 9254274


I introduce myself

My formative path

I am a young Nutritionist, wife and mother, with a mission: to make people aware of their diet and teach them to have a healthy and serene relationship with their food and body. I have

transformed my great Passion for Nutrition and Wellness into my work and I have decided to accompany people on a path of awareness to become the true Nutritionists of themselves.

Classical high school diploma (97/100) - Liceo Classico "Racchetti" of Crema

Bachelor's degree in biological sciences (110 cum laude) - University of Milan

Internship at UOS of Clinical Nutrition ASST Gaetano Pini-CTO of Milan

Master's Degree in Biology Applied to Nutrition Sciences (110 cum laude) - University of Milan

2019 - State examination for qualification to practice as a Nutritionist Biologist

Registration in the National Order of Biologists section A with n. AA_084028

Constant study and updating with ECM courses, FAD courses, seminars and conferences

My main areas of interest

Constant study and updating are the basis of my profession, over time I have integrated my basic training with courses on the topics that fascinate me most.

My main fields of interest are:

  • nutrition for women in the various stages of life (adolescence, pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause)
  • pediatric nutrition
  • intestinal well-being
  • the "green" diet (conscious and plant-based diet)
  • food allergies and intolerances

I also deal with nutrition for sports subjects and nutrition in pathological conditions ascertained by medical documentation (for example type I and II diabetes mellitus, hypertension, obesity, dyslipidemia, renal insufficiency, hyperuricemia).

I work alongside fellow psychologists-psychotherapists and general practitioners in the prevention of Eating Disorders (anorexia nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder and bulimia).

Teamwork between various professionals is the winning weapon to help people achieve the desired goals.

My philosophy

The word DIET is too often used in its negative meaning as a restrictive diet aimed only at weight loss. Weight loss should not be the main goal of a nutritional journey, but a natural consequence of changing one's lifestyle.

The true meaning of the Greek term Diaita (δίαιτα) is "lifestyle" as a whole, understood as a balance between right nourishment, adequate movement and the ability to give space to the otium (rest), with the aim of achieving a state of well-being and Health.

The main goal of the nutritional journey is to learn to listen to your body and to respect the hunger and satiety signals that it naturally sends us; my task is to give the patient the tools and knowledge to independently manage their diet even at the end of the course.


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Apple Dr. Angelica Giana Biologist and Nutritionist
Apple Dr. Angelica Giana Biologist and Nutritionist
Dr. Angelica Giana Biologist and Nutritionist
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